Sunday, March 4, 2012

Interesting Facts to know:

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  • AC/DC sold more than 150 million records world wide which makes them the best seller in the category Hard Rock, more than Aerosmith, The Who and even more than the Rolling Stones. In the USA alone they sold more than 65 million records

  • In the top 20 of all music categories, with such bands as The Beatles, Elvis Preasly and Micheal Jackson, is AC/DC #11

  •  AC/DC got their name from the Young's sister Margaret suggested something she'd seen on the back of a vacuum cleaner: 'AC/DC'. According to Angus, "It had something to do with electricity, so it seemed to fit.

  •  What was with that school boy outfit?  well Angus and Malcolm wanted to have a visual focal point to go along with their music, and their sister Margaret suggested Angus wear the schoolboy getup. It was something Angus had tried in one of his previous bands, but only once.

  • Bon Scott died On 20 February 1980, after a night of heavy drinking, he was left unconscious in a friend's car, and was later found to be dead, having choked on his own vomit. The coroner recorded a verdict of death by misadventure.


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