Saturday, March 3, 2012

The two legends:

      BRIAN JOHNSON                                BON SCOTT   
LEAD VOCALS (1980-PRESENT)                  LEAD VOCALS (1974 -1980)       
Bon Scott saw Brian Johnson singing for another band in a pub, and was so impressed by his vocals, when he met back up with AC/DC he told them to get Johnson if anything should ever happen to him. After Bon's death, Angus Young called Johnson up and offered him the position of lead vocalist. Johnson told him where he could put it and hung up (he thought someone was pranking him). Eventually, of course, it worked out. Do you think it worked out for the better or worse?

"Back in Black" was the major turning point for AC/DC, Brian Johnson wrote the song in the Bahamas. A typhoon was headed their way, and the rest of the band locked him in the bungalo with only 3 pages of blank paper, a pencil, and a candle. He was shaking and nervous becuase he wanted to impress his new band, but he managed "im rollin' thunder pourin' rain, im comin' on like a hurricane....", thus the typhoon. This was also in memory of Bon Scott, who died about a month earlier. Listen to the videos in my music vault. Can you hear the difference between the two artists?

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  1. I feel it worked out for the better, because Johnson helped carry on the legacy of AC/DC that Scott established.

    I can hear the different in the vocals, with Scott having a harsher tone compared to Johnson's softer tone. Yet they do sing in the same vocal range.