Saturday, March 3, 2012

AC/DC Videos Vault

This an older video of the Bon Scott at vocals,
"Girls Got Rhythm"
 It is found on their 1979 album
 Highway to Hell. The song was released as a single the same year.
Back in Black was released 5 months after lead singer Bon Scott died. The song is a tribute to Scott, and the lyrics, "Forget the hearse 'cause I never die" imply that he will live on forever through his music. With Brian Johnson on lead vocals, the Back In Black album proved that AC/DC could indeed carry on without Scott.
This song is on their 2000 album "Stiff upper Lip" and it is composed by Angus and Malcolm Young The song was released as a single, and topped the Billboard  chart. It also was performed on Saturday Night Live  on March 18, 2000.
My personal favorite AC/DC song: the songs lyrics speek wonders. The song is one of AC/DC's biggest hits, breaking the Top 40 on the Billboard hot 100, and the UK single charts. It is still the band's highest charting single in the United States, at number 23 (no other AC/DC single has even cracked the top 30)
Even Russia can't get enough! This video was shot and  preformed at the monsters of rock show in Moscow, Russia in 1991. 

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